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Our space in Reeder’s Alley fills us with a special, warm connection to the history of Helena and to you, our customers. We’ve always believed that food is so much more than sustenance - we share our lives, celebrations and holiday traditions with each other over a meal or sweet treat…getting to know our customers and community has been one of the best parts of opening our little bakery. We’ve made so many friends over the last year, and now we want to share your stories with the rest of Helena!
By sharing your stories with us, we not only achieve a closer connection within our cTp circle but also in our larger local communities.

So, we’re featuring your interesting stories, local recommendations, and favorite menu items as our way of supporting YOU and saying thanks…because without you, none of this would exist.

Let’s get to know Hope Citron | Potter, Helena MT.

Hope Citron at Cotton-Top Pastries | Photos by: Eric Seidle ©

The first thing you’ll notice about Hope is her amazing laugh. It’s the kind of laugh that lights up a room, the kind of laugh that lets everyone else in the room know, that it’s ok to laugh.

As we’ve gotten to know Hope at the bakery we learned that her laugh was only outdone by the joyful spirit she carries within herself. Hope is the kind of person everyone should have in their lives, so we reached out and asked if Hope would like to share some of her story with our followers…luckily, she accepted. 

“I moved to Helena two years ago in a snowstorm, it seemed like all I did at first was shovel and chip away ice,” Hope said with a laugh. “I had moved around a lot before I came Helena…there was a six to eight-year span when all I did was move around.” 

Hope moved from Chicago to work at a pottery studio in Montana City. She said she had no real expectations about Montana but along the way she fell in love with Helena. 

“I’m not sure if I’d want to live in Bozeman or Missoula, something about Helena seems more genuine,” Hope shared. “You live here, you work here, and you get to know people and build friendships.” 

Despite the snowy, cold start to Hope’s life in Montana she knew this was the place for her. 

“What sold me on Helena was that I have met so many interesting people that are so deeply into whatever it is that they are doing, people are so thoughtful with their intentions and how they create things.” 

And in just two year’s she has racked up some incredible moments. “Picking huckleberries on mountain tops as the sky turns orange and red is as close to a religious experience as you can get,” said Hope during our conversation. 

Hope recommends the Montana Book Co., Aunt Bonnie’s Books & Gifts, and wants to give a special shout out to Kolar Tire & Auto on the west side of town. “The owner Frank has saved my ass so many times, on Christmas Eve he spent hours digging my husband and I out of a ditch.” 

Her favorite Cotton-Top menu item is the Financier, and she recommends any of the laminated dough items (croissants, cruffins etc.) for a first time visitor.

Learn more about Hope’s pottery by clicking here, and giving her a follow.

Hope Citron at Cotton-Top Pastries

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